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For the past three years we've seen the VR industry slowly getting traction and the last year things really picked up some speed, we are firm believers that this is the time when VR is going to go big.

Aside from technology converging and allowing a virtual reality device to be affordable and accessible, the VR industry will need content, a lot of content if it want’s to be successful and here is where we come in. This is why we created Voxelus.

Voxelus is a platform that allows everyone be both a participant and a creator in this new and fascinating industry. The Voxelus Platform enables anyone, anywhere to be a content creator and a participant in Virtual Reality.

Voxelus Creator

Available for Mac and PC, the Voxelus Creator is a super easy to use tool for creating games for VR. Create games without writing a single line of code!


Voxelus Viewer

VR support: Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift for Mac and PC. Non VR version available for Mac and PC. All available versions have multiplayer support.


Voxelus Marketplace

Coming soon in 2016, make sure to check the crowdsale section for more information about the marketplace and The Voxel, the official currency of virtual reality.

Live Demo!

About Us

The team behind BlackPony and Voxelus is formed by seasoned veterans in the gaming industry and the tech world who together previously created Atmosphir, an award winning 3D games creation tool for Mac and PC

Martin Repetto

An Argentinean software industry veteran, Martin has been working for the past 20 years developing everything from e-commerce platforms, dynamic web development, mobile applications, to video games. Prior to Voxelus, Martin was the CEO of Minor Studios managing a team of 21 developers in the creation of Atmosphir, a video game creation tool that ended up as a runner up on TechCrunch 50 in 2008.

Maximo Radice

Maximo has worked in the software industry for 14 years, with most of the time spent on the development of video games. Prior to Making Fun, Maximo was the COO of Minor Studios overseeing the day to day operations in the creation of Atmosphir, a video game creation tool that ended up as a runner up on TechCrunch 50 in 2008.

We are always on the lookout for new talent.
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